The VUELING's points experience

Turning an online campaign
into a #digitanalog
–and quite funny– game

Vueling Airlines asked us to create an online campaign to promote their brand online and drive awareness towards their loyal customers program “Punto” (which means “point”). We proposed them to go one step forward, jumping out of the digital media, and building for theirs clients a very surprising, "analog" experience, inside their airplanes! ‘Cause, hey, if we were to give away hundreds of gifts, why not give them in a funny and different way?' So, as it was Punto’s 4th anniversary, during a very exciting week, we hid 4 free flights in 4 seats inside each Vueling’s airplane. People would arrive to the airport, get inside the plane, take their sit, and suddenly realize there was a little card on top of it saying 'congrats, you just won a free flight!'. Not exactly the kind of thing you are expecting to find when you enter an airplane, right? Indeed, the experience was then replicated online, with a microsite where you could enter a virtual airplane, choose 4 seats, and see how many points you had won. Almost three million points were given away, Vueling got thousands of new registers, and we made lots of people smile. Cool.

The online experience