The happy song 'Be Honest and Smile'

Yes, our very first thing was a song.
That's all we had as a webpage
when Honest&Smile was born.
Will you sing it with us? 

How would you tell to the world that you just created a new Agency, and that you are happy, and that you are smiling? With a website? With an add? With a Facebook app? Well, no. With a Thing. Which Thing? A song. Yes, a happy song. That’s exactly what we did. It was 2010, and we still find people singing it when we show up for a meeting. It’s our “hello we’re here” smile. And, of course, it’s called “Be Honest and Smile!”.

What happened?

The song was mentioned (and listened!) in many different places, countries and languages. We used it to spread the word of our new agency. Many bloggers shared it and told us what made their different from the rest of the world. Oh, and our mothers loved it as much as we did. Below you can see a case study we prepared –also, a singing case study. However, we did not get any offer from SONY MUSIC to re-master it and launch it in a global campaign. Weird...