Super Summer Generator

Getting serious about
self-broadcasting with a 'fake your
summer' App in Facebook. 

Our creative team was tired of watching their Facebook friends posting about super-mega-cool holidays in Ibiza (and so on). Hence, we created an extremely simple App, built inside Facebook, that allowed you to choose an amazing trip (Cannes, New York, Thailand...) and then automatically generate on your behalf daily posts from these paradisiac places. People got crazy, the thing went viral, a travel company bought it... and Facebook finally blocked it. That was fun ;-)

What happened?

The Facebook fake messages created a big amount of smiles, doubts, questions, actions, reactions‚Ķ all around the social life of the ones who installed the app. Suddenly, friends from abroad were inviting people for dinner as they were supposed to be in town (or close)! The ‚Äúexperience‚ÄĚ spread around, and without any paid adds thousands of users took benefit of the trick. Indeed, the project was mentioned in several Spanish magazines and newspapers, driving awareness to both the CLUB SANTA MONICA travel brand and our agency Honest&Smile.