HolaLuz.com !

Creating brand's DNA, name & identity
of Spain’s 1st independent electricity provider.


When we first met, they were 5 partners, had no name, and wanted to change the way things work in the spanish electric energy market. We defined their brand's story, their name ('HolaLuz' that literally means 'hello light' and 'oh, the light') and their visual identity. Today, the company has more than 60 employees, has raised more than 5 million € investments and is a well-respected startup in Spain.

Searching a brand –and a name, too.

During four months, we explored several strategic positionings for the brand, and drafted possible naming routes. It was a 'workshop oriented' project, with our client often visiting our offices and spending the whole day –enjoying– the creative process with us.

Delivering a fresh and surprising brand
capable to stand out –and survive–
in front of the national electricity giants.

Bernard Arce –partner of Honest&Smile– lead all the Art Direction. We've seen him crafting many beautiful things, but during the HolaLuz project he managed to surprise us again. We checked hundreds of references, color palettes he may have chosen, proposals, typographies... And the final results were absolutely lovely. Well done, Ber!