EROSKI's Hide and Catch

Digitalizing a leading supermarket's brand
playing 'Hide & Cath' ON and OFF line

When Honest&Smile was appointed creative agency of EROSKI the brand had less than 3.000 likes in Facebook. It was well established in TV and RADIO, but almost invisible online. To change this perception, we created a series of cross-media campaigns, mixing the best of the offline and the digital sides. The ‘EROSKI Hide & Catch’ game was one of them. Prizes and promotional codes were hidden inside videos, pictures or posts. But also inside real malls. Traffic was so massive that the whole system went down several times, and we had to postpone the action twice. Today, EROSKI has more than 150.000 likes in Facebook.

The digital experience

Some characters were hidden inside EROSKI’s social profiles (Youtube, Facebook…) and if you could find them, cool prizes were awaiting for you. People had fun and we re-positioned the brand as one that not only can sell good food, but also provide good digital experiences and electronic products.