BIC & This gift ain't yours

turning BIC's USB drives
into bottles with messages

In collaboration with BIC Graphic Europe, we gave away 500 USB memory sticks all around Spain. They had many digital gifts inside (songs, drawings, poems...) + a tracking URL + a clear message: if you find one, just grab something, add something of yours, and give it to someone else ‚Äďbecause "this gift ain't yours". Months later, some USBs were found in the US, Asia or Europe. Some people even took them to Africa. Two years later we tried to recover them. No need to say, we did not succeed at all.

The story / experiment

The USBs run away form our hands pretty fast, and so did the story. A Facebook group and a Google Maps site were created to help people track the drives, and exchange them. too. We even received messages from many different countries, asking to get one. So the USBs travelled all around the world. It was beautiful and surprising. People were willing to take part of the experiment even knowing they would not keep the present.

The recovery

One year after, we tried to recover the USBs / Gifts and shared a new film with the people involved in the project, using the Facebook group. We could not locate... a single one. Not a single one! We guess they keep moving around. Which feels actually better and nicer. We lost them all. End of the experiment.