Moleskine AbracadabrApp

Raising awareness towards
one of the world's most loved brands
by ‘hacking’ their product.

In 2012 we approached MOLESKINE with one idea: Using the concept of The Love Box, alter one of their products, creating the world's first notebook AND analog application, for iPhone. They loved the proposal, sent hundreds of Notebooks to Barcelona, and we went on designing the product and defining it’s brand. After testing the concept in a successful crowd-funding campaign, we produced the first 500 units and launched the product world-wide. Blogs, magazines, TVs, and radios shared the creation with their audiences. Media samples were exhausted. A special edition was sold out... And our "little" invention significantly raised MOLESKINE's awareness, reinforcing its unique value proposition in between the #analog and the #digital worlds.

The crowd-funding campaign

We decided to test the first prototype in a crowd-funding campaign. That allowed us to create some hype around the product, confirm that it could very well be a sellable Ltd. Edition of MOLESKINE, and earn some time by pre-selling it some months before undergoing final production. Below you can see the first film we used to introduce the AbracadabrApp.

The PR campaign

When the product was ready to be sold, after shipping the 1st ones to the crowd-funding funders, we made a last PR effort to communicate the good news: MOLESKINE and Honest&Smile were finally presenting the AbracadabrApp Limited Edition, and it was available in and our spanish e-commerce To push the story forward, and get more people involved, we even challenged social media fans of MOLESKINE, asking them 'What would you do with your AbracadabrApp?'. The best creative proposals were rewarded with one unit.


Being invited to present the 'AbracadabrApp' in the Catalan National Television (TV3) was one really nice surprise. Gina Tost, a well-known innovation and digital journalist, had a lot of fun testing it with us...

Smiles and learnings

We confirmed that, when trying to get people's attention, doing something is always more effective than just saying something. The media attention we raised was the most amazing and positive outcome from this project.

· Indeed: it was a relevant attention. The "noise" we created was well aligned with the brand's DNA and positioning. The PR campaign did reinforce this positioning.

· During four months, when Google-ing "Moleskine analog", our project was 1st on the list –considering the reach of a brand like Moleskine, this is amazing.

· All the videos ended up with almost 100.000 views in Youtube and Vimeo. With absolutely no media investment.

Why did all this happen? Because the AbracadabrApp is not really just a product. It's what we call a 'branduct'. A product that successfully can tell the story of a brand's values, positioning, feelings. Yep: products are stories. Just three-dimensional ones.