We're a things agency. Yes, we make things –products and services– that blend technology and emotions to build empathy, create value and nurture human relationships.

We sell two kinds of things:
Our very own products to nice people around the globe.
The know-how we've earned designing, prototyping and manufacturing them.
Selected things
Empatree is here
Prototyping dialogues and agreements with a smily algorithm that wants to spread empathy all around the world.
Startuping at El Sol
Ignasi has been selected as a member of the Jury for the Startups contest at El Sol Festival
Laplante (coming soon)
Nurturing your loved ones. Daily. With pleasure. Online.
Wake up with JustTheBell
Our tiny product, made with DAN & TBWA\Paris, in TechCrunch. Sweet!
The Timeless Box
Introducing the Timeless box: time travel for gifts, in a box
AbracadabrApp, ta-da!
Say hello to AbracadabrApp: The world's first Moleskine notebook AND Analog app
We LOVE FastCompany
FastCompany interviews Honest&Smile to talk about the AbracadabrApp
Merci et Bonne Route!
Saying 'au-revoir' to the nice friends from TBWA\Paris with yet another thing
Where it all started
Discover The Love Box: our hand made video mixer for iPhone 4
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Our Services

Building things together

We can help you combining technology and emotions in ways that truly matter to your clients or employees.
Call it fast prototyping, service design, systems design, applied innovation... We've been there, we've failed a lot, we've got our hands dirty trying to make things happen.
So, sure, let's talk.

Teaching and Lecturing

We regularly give lectures –and animate workshops–  about innovation, design and creativity.
We can do that in English, French, Spanish or Catalan (even adding some fake-Italian words –it always plays well).
Interested? Let's talk, indeed.

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